Cooking Sauces

Whether you're pushed for time, or just looking to try something different, our selection of ready-to-use cooking sauces is just the thing to make ordinary mealtimes that bit more special.


Restaurant-style Madhuban sauces made by hand in small batches, ready to use straight from the pot for authentic curries in your own kitchen. We stock most of the Madhuban range including their Thai red and green curry bases as well as their harder-to-find Deluxe Goan sauce, perfect for fish.

Atkins & Potts

Atkins & Potts stocks are the perfect bases for casseroles, soups, sauces, stir-fries and other gourmet dishes. Made in the Berkshire countryside from the finest ingredients and sealed in stay-fresh pouches for ease of storage and use.

Artisan Sauce Kitchen

The Artisan Sauce Kitchen use small batch methods to ensure a consistent quality product. Slow and long cooking produces a depth of flavour that is difficult to achieve at home, and the sauce is ready to use straight from the jar simply by heating through with your cooked ingredients.