The serious cook knows the importance of using the right oil to achieve the best results, and we are proud to stock an impressive selection from UK producers and abroad.

A close-up of two Bennett & Dunn bottle labels

Bennett & Dunn

Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oil is cold pressed, triple filtered and then hand bottled on the family-run farm in Shropshire. It is GM free, gluten free and the production process is chemical free, ensuring this oil retains all of its health benefits and delicious flavour.

Aetos Estate

Extra-virgin olive oil from Aetos Estate is a great all-rounder. Use it for dipping, over salads and for cooking. Kalamata olives are taken from the tree straight to the press – Aetos oil is the best Greek oilve oil you can get, direct from the tree.

Terra Creta

From Crete, Terra Creta products have a character that suits many different cuisines. The rich flavour profile of the Cretan olive fruit are in abundance in this top-quality olive oil.