We import speciality foods and ingredients from all corners of Europe, far more than we can include here, so if there is a particular brand or item you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01492 545999 and we will be happy to check if we have it in stock.

Diforti Cannoli

Cannoli are tube-shaped Italian pastries thought to have been developed 3,000 years ago in Sicily. Diforti make these handmade delicacies by rolling, frying and then filling with stunning combinations such as pistachio, lemon and salted caramel.

Grisbi Italian Biscuits

Grisbi bake light and crispy Italian biscuits consisting of a shortbread-style casing with a luxuriously creamy filling. Tatws Trading stock a range of flavours including chocolate, lemon and hazelnut. Perfect with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee, or at any time of the day really!

Riya’s Naan Bread

Fluffy, soft, authentic naans from Riya’s are a world away from dry supermarket offerings and will transform your next home curry night. They are individually hand-stretched and baked and are suitable for vegans. Choose from plain, garlic and coriander or spicy.

A package of Rio Mare tuna in olive oil

Rio Mare

Rio Mare combines prime quality tuna with the finest olive oil to give you the pleasure of fine Italian food every day. Tender yet firm, and the distinctive pink colour, are the core characteristics of Rio Mare Tuna.

A bag of Mulino Bianco speciality cookies

Mulino Bianco

Mulino Bianco is Italy's favourite bakery, crafting sweet biscuits and savoury breadsticks with expertise and a passion for flavour honed over 140 years. During this time, Mulino Bianco has become an icon of taste and goodness.


Traditional Spanish cooking places great emphasis on the role of pulses and grains, and Luengo produce beans with excellent culinary properties. Use them in all Spanish dishes that require a white bean, for example: Alubias con Almejas, Alubias con Chorizo and Fabada Asturiana.

A can of Mutti finely chopped tomatoes


Mutti sauces start out as velvety tomato puree blended with aromatic Mediterranean herbs. Made with 100% sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, they are delicious as a premium cooking ingredient or simply tossed with pasta.

A jar of Sebastiano Drago salmon fillets in oil

Sebastiano Drago

Since 1929, Drago has specialised in the preservation of fish products according to Sicilian traditions and with the experience gained by four generations. They use no additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers, nor any added starch.

A can of Amato cannellini beans


Amato have extremely strict quality levels so only the best natural ingredients make it into their products. Their range of canned beans and legumes is known and loved by chefs for their consistent size and cooking characteristics.